mac_int: Automating the Forensic Review Process with Data Interpretation

Many of you may be familiar with Yogesh Khatri's revolutionary digital forensics tool, mac_apt. His tool does wonders by parsing macOS image files and outputting valuable artifact data. However, it is very easy for your forensic answers to be lost in the vast amount of information mac_apt provides. A small team, comprised of Zach Burnham... Continue Reading →

Entering the World of Digital Forensics

It is difficult to deny that everyone has had a dream in their life they wish they had pursued. Dream jobs, dream lifestyles, dream hobbies, or even dream holiday meals (buffets, yumm!) are with us even as children. Often, the biggest problem is that people never take the crucial first step of actually stepping on... Continue Reading →

Facebook Messenger -Windows App Store Forensics

     If you have ever performed mobile forensics, chances are you've come across Facebook's Messenger app. For those of you unfamiliar, Facebook decided to better handle their traffic [and business model] by creating the standalone "Messenger" application for all non-browser direct messages. The app reached a billion users in 2017 and has been steadily... Continue Reading →

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