Instagram Forensics -Windows App Store

Instagram is a very popular social media application that allows its users to interact through uploaded photos, videos, and direct messages/chat threads. Used by 1/3 of mobile phone users in the world according to Pew Research Center, there is a potential for Instagram to be relevant in some digital forensic cases. The following are highlighted findings... Continue Reading →

Alexa Application -Windows 10 Store

It is difficult to turn down the exciting prospect of having your very own robotic butler in your house! Soaring in popularity, there has been a recent increase in virtual assistant production from leading technology companies like Amazon, Google, and even Facebook. Incredible amounts of forensically-relevant data have already been found on the devices and their... Continue Reading →

Netflix -Windows 10 Appstore Forensics

Along my hunt for useful forensic data stored within everyday Windows 10 store applications, I decided to take a look at the popular application "Netflix". Although the locally stored data I found doesn't necessarily have adequate standalone forensic use, some user-action related data does exist. Findings:The Windows 10 store application 'Netflix' can be found under a... Continue Reading →

DFS #4: What devices are tracking me?

What types of devices are tracking my location? There has been a long-established estimate that the average human encounters 4,000-5,000 ads in his/her day. As astonishing as this is, it makes more sense by simply looking around your immediate area and noticing all of the company branding you can see. Just like the exponentially-infectious presence... Continue Reading →

Facebook Messenger -Windows App Store Forensics

     If you have ever performed mobile forensics, chances are you've come across Facebook's Messenger app. For those of you unfamiliar, Facebook decided to better handle their traffic [and business model] by creating the standalone "Messenger" application for all non-browser direct messages. The app reached a billion users in 2017 and has been steadily... Continue Reading →

Carpenter’s Cell Tower Challenge

Unless you've been on a tropical vacation these past few weeks, long away from any cell service, you have heard the Supreme's Court recent ruling. In the 5 to 4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Timothy Carpenter's motion to suppress his Cell Tower Record data from evidence. From this point forward, a... Continue Reading →

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