mac_int: Automating the Forensic Review Process with Data Interpretation

Many of you may be familiar with Yogesh Khatri's revolutionary digital forensics tool, mac_apt. His tool does wonders by parsing macOS image files and outputting valuable artifact data. However, it is very easy for your forensic answers to be lost in the vast amount of information mac_apt provides. A small team, comprised of Zach Burnham... Continue Reading →

Needle in the Haystack -DF MISCONCEPTIONS PART 1

We are all aware that Digital Forensics, like most other fields, has many misconceptions ingrained in its daily work. The immense separation between the technical knowledge and the general public creates an overwhelming disconnect that I believe should be worked on. With the hopes of closing this separation, here is quick answer to a common... Continue Reading →

Netflix -Windows 10 Appstore Forensics

Along my hunt for useful forensic data stored within everyday Windows 10 store applications, I decided to take a look at the popular application "Netflix". Although the locally stored data I found doesn't necessarily have adequate standalone forensic use, some user-action related data does exist. Findings:The Windows 10 store application 'Netflix' can be found under a... Continue Reading →

“All Installed Apps” Artifact -Windows 10 Forensics

Windows Store Appstore applications have a strong potential to become more relevant in future digital forensic investigations. An increased number of applications created every day, and re-occurring updates to this tablet-pc-meshed-Operating system, means applications have a larger chance of being on your client's system. In a world where mobile-style applications like messaging apps and games... Continue Reading →

Windows Apps Forensics Announcement

       Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon are just a few of the many companies who are attempting to seamlessly shove the consumer towards their future. In most of their head's the future is compact, powerful, and unified. The era of the mobile device is upon us. No, we are not talking about just... Continue Reading →

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