Microsoft HxStore.hxd (email) Research

Possible additional Windows Live Mail message location? Up until Windows 10, you could find email-related files with the extension ".EML".  These files presented the opportunity for email forensics. Once the new iteration of the Windows OS came about, it started storing files in alternative ways. It was found that a user's Windows Live Mail (I'll... Continue Reading →

Netflix -Windows 10 Appstore Forensics

Along my hunt for useful forensic data stored within everyday Windows 10 store applications, I decided to take a look at the popular application "Netflix". Although the locally stored data I found doesn't necessarily have adequate standalone forensic use, some user-action related data does exist. Findings:The Windows 10 store application 'Netflix' can be found under a... Continue Reading →

Entering the World of Digital Forensics

It is difficult to deny that everyone has had a dream in their life they wish they had pursued. Dream jobs, dream lifestyles, dream hobbies, or even dream holiday meals (buffets, yumm!) are with us even as children. Often, the biggest problem is that people never take the crucial first step of actually stepping on... Continue Reading →

“All Installed Apps” Artifact -Windows 10 Forensics

Windows Store Appstore applications have a strong potential to become more relevant in future digital forensic investigations. An increased number of applications created every day, and re-occurring updates to this tablet-pc-meshed-Operating system, means applications have a larger chance of being on your client's system. In a world where mobile-style applications like messaging apps and games... Continue Reading →

DFS #4: What devices are tracking me?

What types of devices are tracking my location? There has been a long-established estimate that the average human encounters 4,000-5,000 ads in his/her day. As astonishing as this is, it makes more sense by simply looking around your immediate area and noticing all of the company branding you can see. Just like the exponentially-infectious presence... Continue Reading →

My Cross-Country DF Summer Experience

DF internship across the country at 20: This summer I had the privilege of working alongside the outstanding digital forensic team at Califorensics in Sacramento, California. Originally from Buffalo, New York and attending college in Burlington, Vermont, meant I was now able to experience an entire other side of the country with this opportunity. My... Continue Reading →

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