Entering the World of Digital Forensics

It is difficult to deny that everyone has had a dream in their life they wish they had pursued. Dream jobs, dream lifestyles, dream hobbies, or even dream holiday meals (buffets, yumm!) are with us even as children. Often, the biggest problem is that people never take the crucial first step of actually stepping on that  yellow brick road, just like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Without consciously beginning the journey towards your dream, you will never reach it.

When I first heard of Digital Forensics, I had no idea how someone could use computers to solve crimes. My brain couldn’t formulate any guesses as to how the investigative process took place! My experience throughout obtaining my degree in Digital Forensics has thankfully answered those questions and helped spawn new exciting ones in my head. It is funny thinking back to how –younger me– was so confused as to how the forensic process occurred, or even if I would find it interesting! From an outsider’s perspective, there are so many paths someone can take in the computer realm. Digital Forensics, Cyber-security, E-Discovery, or even Computer Science/Engineering. As I approached my decision for what college I wished to attend, I had no idea what focus I would end up loving the most.

I am happy to announce that I will be releasing a new book in the coming year, titled “Entering the World of Digital Forensics”. My goal is to help those who have the same struggles I once did. It will serve partly as a glimpse of foreshadowing into the topics prospective students/investigators will encounter in the field. Mainly though, the purpose is to reveal an overview of the digital forensic process to the outside world. Confusion, and misconceptions plague the skin of digital forensics. I wish to help open the door to the reality.

I present to you, a sample from “Chapter 1: Starting Line”:

Desultory be the day, one wicked with dismay, when the mountains of his hopes are not climbed –but shackled in the brain’s disuse.”

There is always a first step in the pursuit of a dream or interest. I have met many people in my relatively short lifetime who have shared with me their forgotten dreams. Some wished to one day be famous sports players, meanwhile some hoped to take control of their own life by starting a billion-dollar business. Of the more probable, I heard one say she had always wished to be a doctor, and another a painter. All were dreams for how the “common man” could take hold of his/her own life and do with it whatever he or she pleased. The shocking commonality with all of the dreams presented was that they were all possible. Yes, there is the still a noticeable variable of luck that could suggest a greater possibility for someone becoming a doctor, as opposed to a famous painter or football star in their lifetime. However, this wasn’t the reason these people did not succeed in obtaining their dream-life. In fact, luck was not yet capable of even being a factor at all. In every one of these stories of personal dreams, the individual never took the foundational first step of beginning.

      It is with the first step that you allow yourself to take this dream or idea, and make it reality. You have the ability to take a completely fictional concept, and make it palpable. A dream doesn’t have to be as groundbreaking as the life-altering decision of a career change. You might have a dream of learning how to hold a small investment in the stock market. Perhaps you may dream of learning to sail across the lake in your hometown. Maybe you are an individual who is wishing to enter into the awesome world of digital forensics. No matter the dream subject, medium, or intensity level, taking the first step is to allow yourself the possibility of accomplishing that dream. Without it, the dreams will only ever stay dreams. We will refer to this significant step as the ‘starting line’. Although every person must approach the starting line in order to begin the journey towards their goal’s success, it can be done in many ways…..

Thank you for reading, and I cannot wait to release the rest of the book! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments!

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