My Cross-Country DF Summer Experience

DF internship across the country at 20:

This summer I had the privilege of working alongside the outstanding digital forensic team at Califorensics in Sacramento, California. Originally from Buffalo, New York and attending college in Burlington, Vermont, meant I was now able to experience an entire other side of the country with this opportunity. My imagination never fathomed I would be provided this precious experience nor the wealth of knowledge that came included.

For those of you who are unaware, I am quickly approaching my senior year in Champlain College’s Computer and Digital Forensics program. I spent my previous summer encountering digital forensics in the ‘real world’ for the first time at DIGITS LLC in Buffalo, New York. Their internship program allowed me to gain an initial look into the industry, and considerably propelled my knowledge in the subject matter. I was -and still am- tremendously grateful for DIGITS allowing me to join them last summer. Fast-forward to this summer, my increased love for the field was rapidly satisfied by the incredible opportunity offered to me by Califorensics, a digital forensic division of Capitol Digital.

Along with the chance of being able to work on actual casework, I witnessed the collection of an amazing group of people working at this company. My biggest surprise was how welcoming, helpful, and knowledgeable the totality of the internal company community was. At the start of this journey I was eager to embrace DF work head-on, and thankfully Califorensics allowed me to fulfill that wish. My brief 8 weeks with the company included numerous priceless experiences such as involvement with civil and criminal case work, witnessing all stages of an investigation first-hand, and helping clients receive the best experience possible. This internship has allowed me to gain new knowledge on the forensic process, observe different tactics, and explore new physical/software tools.

Being based in Sacramento, CA meant I was able to travel to the West coast for the first time in my life. I had grown up hearing about places like California, but never imagined I would have been able to go visit it so soon. Despite being homesick even when in Vermont, California was an outstanding state to visit. I have to say that my two favourite things about the location were the palm trees and the weather. If you know anything about Buffalo and Vermont, they both get really cold and a lot of snow. This made the 100 degree plus weather a great change of pace.

Califorensic’s ambition for providing unparalleled service and aid to their clients is just one of the many reason’s why I was so excited to intern with them for the summer. I first got involved with the digital forensics field so I could offer actual help to people in any situation where digital content may be relevant and beneficial. There is no better feeling than knowing you helped someone to the best of your ability, especially in their time of need. It was mesmerizing to see a company who appeared to have the same goal. Now that the summer is coming to a close and I have since returned to Buffalo, New York, I can confidently say that Califorensics is an incredible company that stays true to its word. From management to investigators, I have never been more impressed with a company. I am unsure what my future holds, but I will be forever appreciative of the journey I went on this summer.

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