Windows Apps Forensics Announcement

       Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon are just a few of the many companies who are attempting to seamlessly shove the consumer towards their future. In most of their head’s the future is compact, powerful, and unified. The era of the mobile device is upon us. No, we are not talking about just cell phones, but the mobility and connection of our entire device collection. Laptops and other devices are abruptly changing. Chrome OS laptops are becoming largely established, Apple devices can be fluently translated between each other, and Windows 10 offers an ‘incredible’ tablet-like experience on PCs and laptops. But is there any forensically relevant data stored within these applications? Let’s find out!

       Starting tomorrow, we will begin looking at numerous Windows 10 App Store apps to see if any of them hold valuable information. Investigators are becoming more aware of cell phone application data, but what about the same app offered on windows? If you have any Windows 10 applications you would like me to focus on, contact me here! See you tomorrow!

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